The Studio

Your idea, our project.

Studio Peover are able to help you and your brand from design to product development. With associated factories in Stoke-on-Trent we are happy to help out with brokering, design and manufacturing. At the core of the brand is progressive design, an artisanal eye for detail and industrial craftsmanship. Our works are to be used, viewed, loved and desired and to bring enjoyment, be it direct into retail or hospitality dining, or as art pieces. For further information and to discuss your ideas please contact us using the form below, or email on


How it works

Underpinning our practice is an extensive understanding of ceramic materials, processes and methodologies. We are committed to re-evaluating the traditions and conventions of the materials we work with.


Have an idea but not sure where to start? Contact us and we will talk you through our services.

Our processes

We specialise in handmade processes - including, but not limited to; plastic clay, slab building, press moulding, throwing, slipcasting and jollying.

we create

From fine bone china and porcelain, to terracotta, earthenware and stoneware - we bring your idea to life.

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